SaniGuard (12 Cans) 3 oz Room Fogger Case




SaniGuard Antimicrobial Fogger

  • SaniGuard fogger sanitizes entire room – walls, ceiling, floor and every nook and cranny – in just 15 minutes
  • SaniGuard surface spray dries on contact – No waiting, no wiping, no mess
  • 100% safe for humans and animals
  • 1 Case of 3 oz Room Fogger

SaniGuard is EPA registered to kill non-enveloped viruses, including Covid 19, influenza, norovirus, rotavirus, and poliovirus.

SaniGuard Antimicrobial Total Release Area Fogger is a handy disinfectant safe for use in all areas. SaniGuard sanitizes entire rooms and vehicles in just 15 minutes. Simply release the fogger, leave the room or the vehicle, and then safely return to a sanitized environment in just 15 minutes.

Unlike conventional cleaning, SaniGuard Fogger reaches and penetrates every nook and cranny and is safe for use on all surfaces, even fabrics and electronics. Use SaniGuard to help prevent transmission of germs in offices, hospitals, classrooms and anywhere else germs and bacteria pose a threat to patients, students, employees, animals or clients.

Simply release the SaniGuard fogger near the duct intake and leave room. Come back 30 minutes later and the job is done. (You may wish to remove the filter prior to fogging and replace it after.) 8-oz.

3-oz SaniGuard fogger covers 125 square feet and the 8 oz Saniguard fogger treats up to 625 square feet in one application.