Sanitizing Wipes, Z2000-4 (4 rolls/case)



Product Highlights:

  • Jumbo roll
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Safe and effective on equipment such as electronic panels and keyboards
  • Free of phenol, bleach, and alcohol
  • Specially textured to remove germs and dirt from soiled hands, equipment, counter tops, and more
  • Multipurpose formula for use on both hands and surfaces
  • Ideal for fitness centers, schools, offices, grocery stores, healthcare settings and more!


Bulk Sanitizing Wipes: Keep Your Facility Clean and Safe

Our Bulk Sanitizing Wipes are specially textured to thoroughly remove germs and dirt from soiled hands, equipment, counter tops, and more. With a gentle and effective alcohol-free formula, these wipes are specially designed to remove germs and dirt from both hands and surfaces. Whether you run a fitness center, school, office, grocery store, or healthcare setting, these wipes are a versatile option for keeping your space spotless.

Our Most Economical Wipes: Sanitizing Wipes in Bulk

Gentle on your budget, too, our Sanitizing Wipes case includes four 2,000-count rolls of lightly-saturated wipes per package. Zogics Sanitizing Wipes measure 8″ high x 5.25″ wide.

Our rolls of wipes fit most dispensers, and can be dispensed from most standard upward pull wipe dispensers.

Our sanitizing wipes are built for thorough, heavy-duty cleaning with each wipe textured and formulated to sanitize any surface with up to 99.9 percent of germs cleansed, without leaving a clinical, chemical smell. After using these sanitizing wipes, your facility will be disinfected and ready to take on the next day’s traffic.

Zogics Wipes Are Versatile for All Spaces

These multipurpose wipes are designed to tackle a wide variety of surfaces, including benches, chrome plating, painted surfaces, leather, rubber, and electronic panels. From wiping down exercise equipment in your gym to disinfecting countertops in your office, these wipes have got you covered. Their low moisture content also makes them safe for electronic equipment and keyboards, providing a thorough and safe cleaning experience.

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